The Law of Attraction Works for YOU

“BE THAT NOW!” …… The Law of Attraction Works for YOU

The law of attraction is a not a personal development tool; it’s not here just so we can attract things. It really is a much bigger principle. It’s about how energy works in general. This workshop is about how we can attract what we desire into our experience.

What we broadcast out to the Universe will come back to us, like a boomerang effect. We do not create the Law of Attraction; it is similar to gravity and it is operating all the time. It will attract to us both the positive and negative energies that we send out to the universe with our thoughts, feelings and language. These energetic vibrations of ours are being broadcast out and sometimes we are broadcasting negative thoughts and painful, worried or bad feelings and when we do this we will actually ATTRACT TO US OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCES THAT MATCH UP WITH THAT NEGATIVE VIBRATION.

Here are some of the Topics we will address in this workshop:

What do I desire?What am I thinking?

What is my energetic footprint?

How to initiate change my life

What am I feeling? What am I focused on?What language am I using to express myself?

What is missing in my life?


In this “I-ECHO” workshop you will discover, explore and change the Writing on YOUR Walls that supports your negative thoughts and feelings. You will learn a new energy psychology approach called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  can help you change your vibrational level and assist you in attracting something in your life you currently don’t feel that you can have. It could be money, it could be health, it could be a loving relationship or anything else that you really feel you’d like but don’t currently have in your life.

The Cost for this workshop is $475.00.This I-ECHO c/o IHLworkshop is a series of one on one 90 minute sessions over a 6 week period via Skype.