Overcome Obstacles To Your Biggest Dreams

Overcome Obstacles to Your Biggest Dreams

What does this statement say or mean to you?

“We have the freedom to commit ourselves to great
causes with courage, even though we lack certainty.”

Any great man or woman who ever created or achieved anything in life did so because they first had a vision, a dream or fantasy in their mind of what could be. This is the foundation to any creation.

Fear is our biggest obstacle. If we always fear negative emotions and we always fear limiting beliefs related to attaining our biggest dreams then we are giving control of our life to our fears. WE must get in touch with our fears to learn a few clues as to what are the obstacles blocking our success.

In this I-ECHO workshop you will learn the basic core dynamics for successfully removing all obstacles and bringing your dream into your reality. You will be able to accomplish all of this without working hard and without extraordinary effort or even attachment to the outcome.

You will discover, explore and change the Writing on YOUR Walls that supports your negative thoughts, feelings and your fears. You will learn a new energy psychology approach called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  can help you erase and replace all your imaginary obstacles and release the fears and worries associated with your success. This workshops makes following our dreams exciting again!

Some of the topic areas of focus will be on:

  • Exploring Our Relationships
  • Behavior and Habits
  • Controlling our Emotions
  • Mastering Freedom of Choice
  • Allowing Yourself to Receive
  • Mastering the Art of Intention
  • Mastering the Art of Letting Go
  • Overcoming Our False Beliefs
  • Mastering our Experiences

The Cost for this workshop is $475.00. This I-ECHO c/o IHL workshop is a series of one on one 90 minute sessions over a 6 week period via Skype.