Healing Your Critical Voice

Your Identity Creates Your Reality: Healing Your Critical Voice

For most of US the voice we most often listen to is Our Own. So how do you see yourself and how is that image affecting your life? The real question here is what can we do to truly change the way we see ourselves in order to improve the quality of our life?

When that voice is critical, as it so often is, it says things like: “You are not good enough”; or You are stupid? or “They will find you out.”; or No one could love YOU”; or You are a failure”.

If you recognize one of these as a regular message you get from yours, make note of it because it the “Writing on YOUR Walls. And if you feel you do not have a critical voice there are several possibilities:

  • Do you make sure you are too busy to hear it?
  • Do you fail to recognize it because to you it is just the truth?
  • Do you experience some kind of sensation that serves the same purpose for you – a feeling or anxiety or dread, perhaps?

In this I-ECHO “The Writing on the Walls” workshop, you won’t learn how to rid yourself of your pitiful inner critic, but you’ll learn where this critic comes from and how you can harness its power so that voice is an empowering one. Each of us throughout the day probably have conversations with a variety of people like family, friends, coworkers, but there is one person you speak to more than anyone else and that person is YOU.

What are you saying to yourself in your own mind? This is the Writing on YOUR Walls.

Identifying and resolving these patterns of conditioning about ourselves can make a huge difference in how we show up to life. As you progress through this workshop, you will discover how your childhood conditioning and inner conflicts have been interfering with virtually every aspect of experiencing happiness and joy in your life. Working with the energy psychology of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)  this workshop allows you to break free from the insidious power of the past that has kept you locked in the old ineffective ways of dealing with your life experiences. You will not only change the dis-empowering words from your inner critic, but we will erase and replace that writing on your wall to be a very powerful force that naturally enriches your entire life in a positive way.

Here are the major topics that will be covered in this workshop:

Who programmed my inner critic? What does this voice say to me?
Discover what is my truth? Is this really true for me?
How to make this voice my buddy? Why am I not getting what I want in my life?
Co-creating with my inner voice Positive guidance from the inner voice
Discovering and Building My New Self Esteem

The Cost for this workshop is $475.00. This I-ECHO c/o IHL workshop is a series of one on one 90 minute sessions over a 6 week period via Skype.