Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Workshop


Introductory Workshop

Learn the basic energy technology and techniques of EFT tapping! This is an exciting and interesting day where you will feel changes happen and experience the power of EFT first hand. Plenty of hands-on practice and demonstrations will ensure you feel confident using EFT.

Everyone is welcome to attend this workshop – the general public – anyone with an interest in self-help techniques, health care practitioners and also therapists going on to do the Practitioner Training. This training gives you the EFT basics to practice on yourself and friends and family, helping you to gain confidence in its use.

This one-day workshop includes:

* An introduction to the history of Energy Psychology
* The science behind the results – where we tap and why.
* Learn how to dissolve away disturbances in the energy system in minutes.
* Learn how to apply EFT to physical ailments
* Learn how to approach releasing emotional issues
* Practice giving and receiving EFT with a partner, releasing a real life issue
* Become comfortable at using EFT for yourself, friends and family
* Receive an Attendance Certificate from The Academy of Energy Psychology.

This program allows the participants to break free from the insidious power of the past that has kept them locked in the old ineffective ways of being.

This I-ECHO workshop program is a one day seminar presentation and cost $125.00. Class size is limited to 35 participants so we can have an opportunity to work with everyone.