Certification Energy Psychology Year 2

Certification For Energy Psychology Year 2

What is Energy Psychology?

The field of Energy Psychology (EP) has been referred to as “a major breakthrough” and “the medicine of the future.” and is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most effective therapeutic treatments available today.

Although Energy Psychology may be new to many people several forms of it have been around since the mid 1980’s. EP is based on firm groundwork of Eastern medicine and the subtle energy fields that stretches back at least 5000 years; which focus on the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras and biofields.

Energy Psychology (EP) is the name given to a variety of therapies that work with the body’s energy system to produce a psychological change by balancing, restoring and improving human functioning both mentally and physically. EP embraces the Mind-Body connection using non-invasive techniques that rapidly release emotional blocks, foster healing and change emotional patterns at a deep core level.

Energy Psychology therapies protocol dictates that as a person recalls an emotional event while physically stimulating specific points on the body, this combination produces almost immediate relief of physical conditions and emotional aspects related to the issue being addressed.

Energy disturbances can arise when we are experience limiting beliefs about ourselves or what we can and can’t do, and we can apply these techniques for personal development and for peak performance. For example; building confidence, public speaking, accelerated learning, better concentration, increasing performance in sports or work.

EP works by disrupting and releasing the emotional charge associated with these events, releasing the emotional blocks thus allowing us to heal and change emotional patterns at a deep core level.

Thousands of people worldwide are now using Energy Psychology Techniques to alleviate a whole range of problems including: fear, stress, anxiety, worry, depression, addiction, PTSD, phobias, rejection, anger, guilt, financial stress, relationship stress, weight management as well as many every day physical ailments such as aches and pains, sore throats, muscle tension, headaches, and allergies.

Thousands of nurses, therapist, doctors, psychiatrist, coaches and social workers as well as lay people use Energy Psychology therapies to achieve rapid, dramatic and often permanent therapeutic shifts in feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behavioral patterns in record time. Long standing traumas that used to take 10 years in therapy can often be resolved in a few sessions.

EP has been proven to be so powerful that it is being employed by several organizations worldwide to provide relief to first responders arriving at disasters and other traumatic situations. The simplicity of these techniques allows anyone regardless of age, including children, to use them independently with ease.

Through our Holistic Life Coaching Certification Program you can easily begin your own practice immediately coaching others, in the training you will have experienced and benefitted from EP yourself.  Year 1 Holistic Life Coach Certification is a prerequisite to the second year.  It is strongly recommended that year two, Energy Psychology Certification be attained as well.  As mentioned here the inclusion of this approach with your HLC clients will be exponentially positively Impacted and results will be achieved far more quickly then without these amazing techniques.  Also if you were hoping to learn how to train other Holistic Life Coaches through IHL or offer Workshops and Classes with IHL, this year two Certification Course for Energy Psychology is a pre requisite.

As in Year One, private one on one sessions are executed and homework assignments are completed through a 10 mth program.  The price is the same for year one and two and by completing both years you will have the opportunity to train to become a Holistic Life Coach Instructor with IHL and or a Facilitator for Workshops for IHL.  For more information on career opportunities with The Institute For Harmonious Living contact Erin @ info@instituteforharmoniousliving .