Being The Change

Being the Change: Your Profound Impact on the World

“Our mother earth is suffering. We have people with the vision and understanding who care. Their wish is to save wildlife and ecosystems, to stop the suffering of indigenous people. But we fail to realize that the first step in healing is within ourselves. We must face the worst in ourselves in order to be our best. We have to shed the tears of oppression and learn to love, honor, and respect ourselves. Once we have it within, then we have to give it away. Our children must inherit a better way.”

~ Chief Lenard George

We have been programmed to be victims

We have been trained to blame others

We have been taught that we’re powerless

We don’t make things any better by getting upset. We have the ability to respond to what we see, and the power to make a difference. We can take responsibility for what is happening around us. Responsibility does NOT equal blame, fault – it is simply the ability to respond. In thisI-ECHO workshop you will learn the basic core dynamics for successfully removing all attachment to being motivated by misery; all the attachments focusing on what everyone else is doing or not doing. It all starts from the inside. When we clear out our negativity, and regain our clarity we are also clearing it out for all of humanity.

Some of the topic areas of focus will be on:

Economic –managing our own finances well before complaining about the global economy

Health – Stop complaining about littering and pollution in the world, while you contaminate your own body

Relationships – Fix your own personal wars first and then contemplate the conflicts between nations

You will discover, explore and change the Writing on YOUR Walls that supports your negative thoughts, feelings and your fears associated with the topics. You will learn a new energy psychology approach called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help you erase and replace all your obstacles, attachments and release the fears and worries associated with the pain and suffering on a global scale. By not allowing ourselves to feel upset by a situation does not mean that we have become complacent. We are simply making a conscious choice not to contribute to the suffering.

The Cost for this workshop is $475.00. This I-ECHO c/o IHL workshop is a series of one on one 90 minute sessions over a 6 week period via Skype.