Attract and Enjoy Spectacular Relationships

Attract and Enjoy Spectacular Relationships

ARE YOU READY to attract and enjoy truly spectacular and fulfilling relationships?

There are few things that can give us more joy or make us feel more loved than a supportive, passionate relationship. And still there are a few things that can cause us more pain than a suffering relationship. I don’t think that anyone will argue that relationships are something we always need to work at and nourish, but what exactly do we need to do to really make a difference?

The expression “What shows up on the outside is what we are on the inside” is so true. Our outer world will always show up for us as we are in our inner world. If you want to have relationships that are spectacular, guess who has to be spectacular? You got it! Given the necessary attraction and shared values, the partners in a relationship are drawn together by a strong biological drive for intimacy, connection and attachment. However, we humans also have an equally strong drive to be individual and autonomous; to be able to chart our destiny. These two

biological drive, “clash” head to head in emotionally committed relationships, leading to potential both for conflict and for huge personal growth. Successfully coping with and benefiting from this “clash” is what separates a healthy relationship from a struggling one. You have to resonate with and live the very qualities that you want to have “show up” in your relationships.

If you want someone who can stay present even during upsets, you have to be able to do that.

If you want someone who accepts you for who you are, you have to be able to naturally do that yourself.

The great thing is that when you fully resonate with and actually live the way that you want your relationships to be in your life, they simply start showing up that way. 

During this I-ECHO “the Writing on the Walls” workshop, together we will examine your walls and you will have opportunities to discovery, explore and change using an Energy Psychology Technique known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to both erase and replace what is written there. WE will explore how you and others experience each other, the reasons why we do what we do and how to initiate changes. We will work with issues such as:

  • How to stay present (when it’s intense)
  • Love based on self-sufficiency
  • Optimizing communication
  • Attracting an ideal partner
  • Not settling for less than you really want How to have both intimacy and independence
  • Stop attracting people that exemplify your unresolved issues from childhood
  • Optimizing the qualities in yourself that you want in your partner… and more! 

Even though it often seems that your partner is causing problems in your relationship, deep down you know that you are either attracting or settling for exactly what you are getting in your relationship. Our outer circumstances don’t hold us back from having a spectacular relationship, it’s the presence of unresolved issues grounded in our childhood conditioning. This old, outdated conditioning is the source of our unfulfilling relationships. And guess what? This is written on our walls and this is why we tend to sabotage ourselves and our relationships with conflicting intentions.

The Cost for this workshop is $475.00.  This I-ECHO c/o IHL workshop is a series of one on one 90 minute sessions over a 8 week period via Skype.