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A Powerful New Workshop Series

I-ECHO “The Writing on My Walls”

Do you ever wonder?

  • What is wrong with me?
  • Why do I keep doing the same things again and again, even when I know better?
  • Why does he/she always seem to do that?
  • Where did my child get that behavior?

Does this sound familiar?

Take your first step toward your new life. Join us as we explore your personal belief systems and how they might be limiting you. This workshop gives you the tools and insight to move confidently forward becoming a long term advisor to yourself.

RAVE REVIEWS … “ AMAZING WORKSHOP , I have struggled with these same problems over and over again, presented to me in different ways at different times of my life. The insights and observations I learned from The Writing on My Walls workshop truly opening my mind to a new way of thinking and resolving my problems and making me aware of the areas where I am stuck, or standing in my own way. I will hopefully be able to pass along my new insights to my children.” …Catherine