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On-Going WorkShop’s with Erin Kiers

Jan 24, Feb 7, Mar 7 2018 From 7:30-9:00 pm

Join Erin Kiers, a certified Holistic Life Coach and Energy Psychologist, for 3 evenings dedicated to sharing alternative options for ‘filling your cup up’, so you can show up with as much energy as you can in everything you do, benefiting everyone around you for 2018! Hosted at Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa in St Jacobs Ontario, http://hybridhairanddetoxspa.com/

♥Want to learn about crystals and how to use them? 

♥How about learning more about energy treatments? 

♥Or learning skills and tools to avoid cycles of drama and pain that seem to creep back over and over in your life?

♥ Learn how to exceed your own expectations by manifesting what you truly want? 

♥Combat Anxiety and depression using affordable empowering tools.

Acquire skills that will serve you for the rest of your life to build confidence and joy in your relationships with yourself first and others in turn.  Each night will be a different focus to enlighten and empower, complimentary refreshments and a question period to provide opportunities to directly impact your specific concerns.

**Space is limited so reserving your seat is necessary, each evening is $25 or prebook your seat for all three for a discounted price of $60.  Call HHDS directly 519-886-8624 to register.

Serving the provinces of

Ontario and Manitoba

10 mth Holistic Life Coach and 10 mth Energy Psychology Certification Programs 

For more info check out the ‘Certification Programs year 1 and 2 page listing

Holistic Life Coach and Energy Psychologist Certification Instructor

The Writing On Your Wall

‘What is wrong with me?’

‘Why do I keep doing the same things again and again, even when I know better?’

 ‘Why does he/she always seem to do that?’

  ‘Where did my child get that behavior?’

  ‘During a fight I feel like I’m watching a movie’

‘No matter what I do the results are always the same.’


Come explore, in a highly interactive workshop that will teach you to understand your personal belief systems and how it affects you.  You will discover how simple tools and deliberate actions can create an experience of well being, love, success, and empowerment.

YOU can be a long term advisor to yourself. This is the purpose of this workshop and it will serve to launch you beyond your “limits” and free any limitations that are holding you back or keeping you stuck repeating the same experiences again and again

Join us for this workshop as we examine what is written on your walls, how it got there and what you can do about it! As we delve into the “Writing on Your Walls”, we will offer insights into how to become aware of what has been holding you back and how to overcome these beliefs allowing you to embrace your true potential in all aspects of your life, relationships, finances, careers, family dynamics etc. When you learn how to erase and replace your inner critic with language that empowers you;  you will realize that there is nothing more important, or more exciting than turning possibilities and opportunities into personal realities.

Sustainable Stability

Do you have trouble sleeping?
Are you wanting more positive relationship connections to your parents, or your children?
Are you attaining all of your career goals?
Do you wish you had a deeper connection to your partner?
Are you finding you are running out of hours in the day to meet all of your expectations?
Are you fearful of the state the world is in?

These questions seem all quite random but in reality are all connected. Through a ‘W-Holistic’ Life Coaching approach all of these challenges become one. As you are connected to all things, what is within you is what you create outside of you, a seemingly ‘specific’ approach will not work. Your marriage affects your job, your job affects the relationship with your kids, and your lack of energy meeting every demand that comes at you lowers your energy even more and prevents you from being the best you, you can be. I will be discussing how understanding your programs, beliefs and roles you play in your relationships affect every experience you have, and how your life will unfold from this point forward. My goal is to finally and indefinitely give you back your power. Not by giving you tips on marketing your business, or how to ask your partner nicely to do the dishes, but to get to the very originating point of programmed awareness that has created the imbalance within YOU in the first place. Come join me for an introduction to an active approach to your own inner work that will empower you by giving you the TOOLS and SKILLS to overcome ANY obstacle that ever comes your way while enjoying relationships and experiences that truly feed your soul while perpetuating world peace!

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