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Count Down Is On! Change Starts With YOU.

Count Down Is On!  Change Starts With YOU.

Ok! Count Down is on! Kids are going back to school. So can you! You have had the thought many times, ‘I want to get myself on track’, ‘I want to take better care of myself!’, ‘I have everything I want, Why am I not Happier?’. By signing up for my Holistic Life Coaching Program you get the answers to all of these questions and more! Maybe you have felt the calling for a while to help others in some way through counseling or coaching but didn’t know where to start?! If like me, all the courses were full time or nights neither of which fit my schedule as I am a full time mom and Business owner who already works two nights a week! I didn’t want to get disowned by my kids, or husband for quitting my job to do school full time. My schedule is crazy, I needed a course that fit that and was flexible! In walked this program into my life. PERFECT! You get to pick your day, time and you can be in your pj’s while on line and or on the phone with me! As tempting as the weekend warrior Life Coaching Training can be, they simply don’t dig deep enough to truly clear your issues so you can approach a career helping others with a clean slate. This program is SO intensive, you can’t help but evolve with the opportunities to dig deeper and go further! Not to mention have instruction with someone who has been there, through the shadows, the nooks and crannies, these places we fear to read alone.

Follow that urge, that calling to positively affect change in the world through healing yourself! Don’t want to coach others? That’s ok, you don’t have to. Just clear up the old programs and beliefs that hold you back. The program is equally effective for those simply seeking a complete clean up job! Come out the other end with deeper insight into your life, your relationships and your future!

Want to go further? Don’t stop there, go for year two and attain your Energy Psychology certification and get a greater understanding of your energetic patterns the thoughts you have and how to more effectively remove the unwanted frequencies! By completely attaining your second year certification you open up a whole new career opportunity to join me at the Institute For Harmonious Living to offer Workshops an Classes for groups and affect change in group settings in every area needing to shift into a new awareness!

Registration is open NOW!! However the space is limited to just 12 spaces, some of which are already taken, so sign up asap as the course begins September 3 2015 – July 1 2016.

Can’t sign up this time, no worries get on the waiting list for the next session and we can get your started on your path to greater balance, Mind Body and Spirit.

Check out The Workshops Page on this site for more info, or to register for this falls Certification course.

Contact me for more info @ info@instituteforharmoniousliving.com or 519-404-6627

No Magic Pill

magic pill

There is No Magic Pill

When you want to lose weight, you must eat well and exercise.  Period, No Magic Pill

When you wish to improve your health and lack of energy you must eat healthier food and exercise.  Period, No Magic Pill.

When you wish to improve your mind, encourage healing of your emotions, and improve your relationships, you must look for those who can offer you guidance while teaching you the tools and exercises to relieve stress, clear the mind and heal old emotions.

Period, No Magic Pill.

But Magic will happen once your DECIDE.  Once you COMMIT. Once you DEDICATE yourself to any of these areas of your life.

You will lose weight and tone your body with excercise

You will enjoy better health and greater energy with a healthier diet

You will create a more balanced life, more harmonious relationships and a renewed passion for life

Some people state that ‘Old Dogs can’t learn new tricks’, so many identify with our past choices or experiences. However these past experiences  are outside ourselves and do not ‘Create’ our personalities, nor are our personalities un-changeable.  Everything changes.  Including us. It is up to us if it is for the better. It is our Commitment, Dedication and Decision to hold on to old stories and old choices that hold us back.  Think of some past goals you may have had.  Some you may have achieved, others perhaps you may have ‘talked yourself out of’.  If you achieved them there is unavoidable proof that  Commitment, Dedication and the Decision to stay on that path no doubt sustained your efforts to achieve your dream.  If you did not attain your goal it is equally as evident that these qualities that we can all access, Commitment, Dedication and the Decision to stay on that path were not nurtured.  There was some if not all qualities missing.  Perhaps you made the decisions but became overwhelmed and therefore lacked the Dedication and became Un-Committed to the tasks you needed to execute to attain your goal.  Perhaps you had everything you needed to succeed but ‘someone’ or ‘something’ got in the way, this affected your Decision as these other people or situations became more important than you goal.  This however became an excuse to avoid staying Committed and Dedicated to achieving your goal.  All of these eventualities were based on Decisions YOU made, no one else.  And you probably made them thinking it was the right thing to do at the time.  But each time we give up on our dreams to become distracted with something else we fail ourselves.  WE let ourselves down.  In the end we become dissatisfied with our lives, career, relationships and then those situations or people we gave up our dreams for become our focus of animosity.  But it was not their choice for you to give up on your dream it was yours.

A few years ago I was telling a client about how I had never understood how on an airplane before take off they would advise that in a state of emergency and the oxygen masks were deployed we should place the masks on ourselves before our child. I had been mortified.  UNTIL I was introduced to Self Care.  If the mask is not utilized for your well being first , if you lost consciousness who would care for the child?

oxygen masks

In the case I mentioned early about achieving your dreams, goals and aspirations, if you do not attend to your-self. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally.  If you did not focus your creative abilities to achieve your dreams you become a hollow empty vessel with nothing to give and overwhelmed with the feeling of animosity and anger towards others having depleted you, let you down or simply used you.  If you always say Yes to others, and No to yourself, if you always put the needs of others ahead of your own and ignore your own needs, by CHOICE, over time you become less effective at everything you do, including being a spouse, child, sibling, friend, employee.  You can not run a high performance car on fumes.  You must maintain your vehicle with the highest of fuels, (or if you are like me and encourage hybrids the juiciest of alternative energy) you must inject the motor with all of the fluids and moving parts it needs to perform at its peak.  With out regular care and maintenance your vehicle, your body mind and spirit becomes something suitable for a wrecking lot.

So where do you begin?

You make a Commitment to yourself, by making a Decision to Dedicate the rest of your life to whom it belongs.


take the leap

And in doing so you Commit to making the Decision to Dedicating the rest of your life to what benefits everyone around you, the optimal performance version of you.

How do you do that?  By observing your current life choices you recognize where there might be gaps in your current knowledge of self-care.  You can do this by looking in the mirror and asking yourself if you are happy with the physical health of your body.  Are you at peak physical performance?  Then you observe your relationships and ask yourself if your relationships are harmonious and balanced, with zero animosity and mutual respect, offering space for you and your peeps to experience life without expectations of each other.  Then you observe your outlook of yourself.  Can you easily state you love yourself, your choices and your outlook on life.  Happy with all of your choices and the contributions you give the world through you career choice, volunteer work and general environment contributions.

If in any of these areas you find yourself lacking confidence, I encourage you to document these.  Then head for a trusted Holistic Life Coach to become your co pilot on your journey to self-care realisation.

My personal experience with Holistic Life Coaching has been not short of magical in my life.  I have enjoyed consistent coaching for several years now, currently enjoy and have Committed to participating in for the rest of my life, this is the Decision I have Dedicated my self-care, physical, and spiritual growth to.  I have never been happier.  Yes I said that out loud in my outside voice.  I was happy before, but with a nagging feeling of incompleteness.  Now the puzzle piece fit more perfectly together.  Don’t get me wrong ‘life’ still happens, but I now have the skills, tools and perspective to flow calmly through the storms life throws at me.  This is the key difference between what I experienced in traditional counseling and what I have benefitted from and have now chosen to offer others in a safe space.  I wanted tools, skills, understandings of life, things I was never taught as a child, that would offer me, my family especially my children the oxygen mask to get us through and make us stronger!

You don’t need a friend, you no doubt have many.  You don’t want a social visit.  You want long lasting permanent change.  Change that will forever sustain happiness, strength and a deep knowledge of yourself that will never again be shaken but what life throws at you.  I’m not here to be your friend or waste your time repeating stories of the past without finsing resolution and peace.

You want someone to hold you accountable, ask the tough questions and get to the root of it so you can pull it out for good.  So it’s up to you now to make the Decision to Commit to theDedication of self care and permanent healing of what has haunted you, held you back or kept you in the illusion of your lack of power to create perfect happiness.

I’m ready when you are!

Tool Kt for Sustainable Stability!

Tool Kit for Sustainable Stability

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Are you wanting more positive relationship connections to your parents, or your children?

Are you attaining all of your career goals?

Do you wish you had a deeper connection to your partner?

Are you finding you are running out of hours in the day to meet all of your expectations?

These questions seem all quite random but in reality are all connected. Through a ‘W-Holistic’ Life Coaching approach all of these challenges become one. As you are connected to all things, and as what is within you is what you create outside of you, a seemingly ‘specific’ approach will not work. What I mean by ‘Specific’ is counselling to address your marriage as a specific issue, will not address the core root and will not ’solve’ the root problem. Career coaching may seem to make sense for your career but in reality it will not solve the core issues coming up inside you. Why you ask? Because EVERYTHING is connected. Your marriage affects your job, your job affects the relationship with your kids, and your lack of energy meeting every demand that comes at you lowers your energy even more and prevents you from being the best you, you can be. I will be discussing how understanding your programs, beliefs and roles you play in your relationships affect every experience you have, every relationship you have and how your life will unfold from this point forward. My goal is to finally and indefinitely give you back your power. Not by giving you tips on marketing your business, or how to ask your partner nicely to do the dishes, but to get to the very originating point of programed awareness that has created the imbalance within YOU in the first place.

Come join me for an introduction to an active approach to your own inner work that will empower you by giving you the TOOLS and SKILLS to overcome ANY obstacle that ever comes your way while enjoying relationships and experiences that truly feed your soul.

My next workshop on November 9th from 7-9 will be held at The Rock Spa, Victoria Road in the Woodburner building http://therockspa.com/Workshops-Classes-Event, find all the information you need to reserve a spot at this link!

Don’t be shaken again by life’s bumps and bruises, empower yourself, sustainably!


Erin Kiers,

Holistic Life Coach and Energy Psychologist.

Owner of:

Institute of Harmonious Living

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa

How To avoid a Zombie Apocalypse!

How To avoid a Zombie Apocalypse!

First it is important to understand the traits of a Zombie so you can clearly identify them!

  • An individual listlessly walking seemingly without destination with a great deal of distraction preventing them from connecting with any focus to anything or anyone
  • Individual may be looking down or looking straight ahead without acknowledging anything around them
  • Can be observed in a room full of people, at a restaurant however does not communicate with others simply mindlessly looks down at their lap
  • Seems to be void of emotion, except occasionally might randomly burst out in a muffled gawfaw prompting others to sometimes ask ‘What’s up?’ usually to know reply from the ‘Zombie’ subject.
  • Subjects family no longer recognizes the Subject in question.  Communication has almost completely ceased, and intimate contact is rarely enjoyed if at all. Relationships seem to break down due to lack of physical, emotional and psychological connection.  This is usually evident in the extreme cases after long periods of exposure to the epidemic strain or ‘Cause’ of the Zombie diagnosis.
  • Whole families have been known to be exposed to the disease.  This is concerning for many reasons , one of the biggest being that it takes a Strong Member to recognize the danger to the exposure and get treatment for the entire family immediately.

****Now read all of the listed traits above while recognizing the ‘ROOT CAUSE’ is technology, cell phones, laptops, lack of boundaries for work etc.

I thought I’d have a little fun this week with Halloween coming up to share with you what I and many others have been observing for some time…Ok Let me explain what a Zombie Apocalypse is to me!

Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 Z6 Z7Z8Z9

The Side effects of this epidemic!

We have MAJOR Disconnection to nature because HOURS can go by while on devices the next thing you know there is no time to go outside with our kids and play.

Marriage are breaking down more then ever due to lack of communication, feeling unloved and neglected because spouses are distracted or having emotional affairs online.

Kids are not learning how to communicate effectively due to lack of communication in the home.  They are becoming desensitized to the important of emotional connections and meaningful talks with parents and siblings.

Quality morals, values and manners in public are being annihilated because no one uses common sense and respect for others in a public setting.

People DO NOT REALIZE THEY CAN MEET A QUALITY PERSON in PERSON, standing right beside them at a bus stop they could fall in Love with Date and Marry!  People are so reliant on social media and dating sites with their heads down staring at their dating site connections the person sitting beside them at a restaurant, or bus seat could be the love of their life, but they don’t know how or have the common sense to start up a conversation?!

It is making people trust people in person less and strangely trust strangers online more??!!

We know less what our kids are doing with snap chat, instagram, facebook, etc the are sending inappropriate pictures and connecting with strangers online.

There are no protective ‘Family’ settings that are broad enough or fast enough to keep up with the garbage and sensitive information our kids are exposed to on line.  Many people have voiced concerns with how young kids are getting sex ed in schools, when most kids are exposed to worst with no guidance on line.


Be string enough to set boundaries you are comfortable with personally and professionally!  Here are some tips!

You are paid for so many hours a week right?  IF you are working at home too, add up those hours and then recalculate your earnings:  $70,000/ 40 hr week= $33 /wk

If you are working an average of an additional 3 hours per night and maybe 4 hours on the weekend your income just dropped to $22/hr.  You are making $11 less per hour cause you are not setting healthy boundaries for your work.  Sad thing is Your Family is footing the bill for missed tie with you.  Noone ever goes to their grave saying they wish they spent more time working….

So Set healthy boundaries, Maybe you decide going to work earlier gets you more time to get stuff done without missing as much time with family.  Or maybe you say 30 mins per night is the most you will do and SET A TIMER to stay accountable!

Delegate more!  Everyone is replaceable, don’t get caught up in thinking only YOU can do the work, ask for help, it is healthier for you and others feel good about helping.

Set certain times of the day when family can use devices and then when the time is up commit to spending time doing something together, outside, inside or upside down!

Have a Phone bucket.  It’s easy to sit on the couch with the family to watch a movie then look around only to see everyone is also on a device.  Encourage focus and decrease over stimulation by having a phone bucket, all devices go in before family time, and stress that they be TURNED OFF!  If your Cell phone is also your home phone, There is NO RULE that you MUST PICK UP, let voicemail get it, especially if you are with your family, what message does this send your kids and spouse?  They are more important, and if it’s an emergency you can call back and so can they.

Have Family Game night, Movie night, no device night, outdoor activity night.  Make it fun and give everyone the chance to pick the activities! As a parent YOU set the tone for the reality and experiences of your family , and if it’s broken, you hold the responsibility but ALSO the keys to fix it.  Be strong and set the example.

So let only the Halloween Zombies invade your home this Halloween!  Reconnect with your family an friends, you will have a richer life experience for it.

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

What can we learn from Thanksgiving?  I have heard many state that any number of ‘Holidays’ should be celebrated every day.  Well I would say the greatest, most impactful would be Thanksgiving.  If you were to close your eyes and envision the most perfect Thanksgiving day, you would be surrounded by loved ones, tons of food, and laughter.  You would feel warm and cozy, safe and loved.  All of these feelings make your body feel good and soothe your thoughts in your mind.

If you had ANY idea the impact this would have on the chemicals in your body you would TRULY carry this Holiday with you every day.  We can all acknowledge the reality that stress makes us sick.  How?  By living in Fight or Flight every moment of every day, sending adrenalines an endorphins out to the body that are only meant to be sent out in emergencies.  You know the story of the boy who called wolf?  Same principle.  The ‘Emergency’ chemicals get so over used and over worked by the ‘Thoughts of stress’ not the reality that we are actually quite safe and sound, every day all day, that our ‘Emergency crews’ get over worked and become de-sensitized to anything that might actually be something to be concerned about.  Not to mention the damage having these chemical floating around in our body causes to strain our organs and eventually cause imbalances and disease.

When you close your eyes again and place your hand on your heart and picture the most perfect Thanksgiving holiday, feel it in your body.  Feel how relaxed you are. Feel your muscles relax and your heart slow with your breathing.  Aches an pains might disappear and your jaw will release the tension it held.  Tis is how you should move through each day, and when you find yourself getting overwhelmed or tense, close your eyes and go back to this happy place.  Over time you will begin to live there more often.  Your health will improve, your life will reflect more relaxation and happiness.

Not only will this alleviate physical problems, this activity also improves mindful activity, creating more positive thoughts and in turn creating a more positive reality.  What we think we create, as wit in so with out.  So by living in gratitude every day, we create and focus on more things that we appreciate and love.  What we focus on grows.  For anyone struggling with financial or career issues, relationship or health issues, this will improve as you continuously re direct your mind to gratitude as it alters your chemical and frequency make up of your body to attract more healthful experiences.

All it takes is the reminder of gratitude, and living there mindfully every moment of every day.

Feeling gratitude for you today and every day


institute thanks

What’s your motivation to heal?

I’d Like to take this opportunity to remind my follower of our Meetup Group Gathering @ HHDS Tuesday October 20th from 7-9 go to meetup.com and join the group ‘Pursuit of Happiness Kitchener’ and RSVP the following info shares some insite on what you will gain from gathering with our group!  See You there!

What’s your motivation to heal?

As you move through each day do you find yourself searching for something that is missing?  Is there a part of you that feels broken or lost?  Feel a bit like ‘Pig Pen’ from the Peanuts characters, a little dark cloud following you around?  Do you crave peace and simplicity, healing and grace?  There is something you absolutely MUST do first.

Find your motivation to heal.

What is it that pushes you to get to a better place?  A caring spouse?  Beautiful Children?  A passion to help heal the world?  A nagging feeling that you were meant to do or be something bigger?  Whatever it is, grab it, hold on to it, and follow where it leads you.

There is a reason you are reading this post.  You know this deep inside your heart.  You were meant to read it, you were meant to find guidance in it.  You might be wondering what your first step is.  It is just that, moving one foot in front of the other.

First Step – Notice your desire to change your reality

Second Step – Realize that dissatisfaction or unhappiness is actually a gift that precedes freedom.  So use it to push you to step three.

Third Step – Follow your intuition, once you have put your request to heal out to the universe watch for signs on what to do for the Fourth Step.

Step Four – Follow these signs , like reading this article to a better understanding of who you are and what you need.

There is no magic pill, or moment that ‘fixes’ everything.  Many look for simple solutions outside of themselves.  When in reality the simple solution, the ‘easy’ answer is actually, INSIDE you.

You Must make a CHOICE.

That’s it.  That’s the big secret.  Just a choice.  But it’s a choice that needs to made every moment of every day.  This reality is actually very similar to how to quit smoking, or eat healthier, or get exercise.  A Choice in each moment.  I sense some of you wincing?  Is that because we can’t lay the responsibility at someone else’s feet?  Can someone else cook  a healthy meal for us and feed it to us?  Can they go for a 30 min jog and do crunches for us?  Can they throw the cigarettes into the trash and talk us down from the nic fit?

The answer is a resounding


So we must first realise that NOONE else holds the responsibility for our reality but us.  The Good The Bad and the Ugly!

This is where you start to embrace your own power.  This is where Empowerment becomes yours.  If you are ready for it. And I’m here to tell you that you are.

So it begins, your new peaceful blissful reality.  If you choose it.

For the Month of October all initial Holistic Life Coaching sessions are 40% off.

That should help ‘motivate’ the right ‘ choice’ and get you off on the right ‘foot’.

Let’s Chat Soon!



How do You Know if You Have The Right Life Coach or Counselor?

the couch

How do You Know if You Have The Right Life Coach or Counselor?

It occurred to me that many people out there may be experiencing what I had experienced before I decided to become a certified Holistic Life Coach.  I had reached out for help while a teenager, an adult for marital  and again after for singular support to traditional counseling.  Each time I ended my sessions without finding resolution in my issues inside or out.  I realized that many people have become disillusioned with all forms of counselling and many forms of psychiatry because the conflicts that motivated them to reach out for help to resolve never seemed to improve through many expensive sessions with these professionals.  Now let me be very clear, I am not here bashing counselors or psychiatrists etc, I am suggesting that there are others out there, like me, that found this approach simply didn’t work for them.  If like me you have lost faith in counselling and coaching I offer you a list to help clarify how you know if either the specific practice or professional is not for you and that maybe it is time to try a new approach or practitioner.

When your sessions are NOT effective. 

  •  You feel worst after leaving then when you came in for the session
  •  You still point a finger at everyone or that one other person outside of you
  •  The issue you came in to deal with is persisting, and in some cases getting worst
  •  You find yourself becoming more depressed as you feel that there is simply no hope to resolve the issue
  •  You feel hopeless, helpless, powerless and this does not improve with multiple sessions
  •  You find yourself searching for skills and tools to improve your situation and in turn your life and you feel as though you have not learned any constructive approaches to improve anything
  •  You simply stop going because you don’t feel like it is helping and that you might even get more support from talking to a friend and save more money

Signs That you have the Right Coach/Counselor

  •   You feel better after a session then when you came in
  •   You recognize your role in everything you have created in your life the good and the bad
  •   This issue(s) you came to sessions to resolve are improving steadily with each visit
  •  You find yourself feeling more and more condfident and happy seeing improvments over time
  •  You feel empowered stronger and more capable after each visit
  •  You have learned many skills and tools you can utilize in your every day life to help you in anything that comes your way
  •  You achieve so much with your Coach/Counselor that you begin setting goals and attaining them in ways you never thought possible.  Many people who begin seeing the ‘Right’ coaches for assistance with blocks and issues in their lives, once cleared, begin utilizing the expertise of these professionals to set, and achieve goals they never thought they could.  As your needs change the role of the Coach changes too.

I hope this clarifies the difference between effective Coaching/Counseling and ineffective.  If you show ANY of the signs listed in the first list ask around, there is someone out there that can personally recommend a Coach perfect for you.

Amazingly many people with seemingly insurmountable blocks and challenges become the BEST Coaches and Counselors, Why?  Because the empathy and understanding you receive from these experienced individuals comes from first hand experiences with life altering pain and trauma, while proving life beyond the pain can not only exist but be happier and more free from toil and pain then some people who seemingly have had very little if any hurdles to over come.  When encouraged and motivated by someone that has been through these challenges and have come out the other side stronger then ever, it inspires you to over come your own.  It makes you feel safe and capable.  We recognize our own strength when we see someone achieve their goals we have a knowing that we too have that power within us to achieve our own.  If you are one of these lvely people who wishes to follow a calling to help other heal, I would LOVE to assist you on your path.  Email me at info@instituteforharmoniousliving.com and I would be more the happy to start you on your path to complete freedom from drama and enjoying fulfilled purpose.  Check out this site under workshops and classes for more info on this course year 1 and year two options, Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Psychology Certification Programs.

take the leap

Change is Inevitable -To Move Forward and Make Greater Impact…..


Change is Inevitable

For some time now many of you have been noticing the combining of Hybrid Hair and Detox Spaposts and the posts of the Institute For Harmonious Living.  The reasoning behind this is the culmination of a long transition for me.  For some time now I have recognized a calling to follow my path to attaining certification for Holistic Life Coaching, and most recently for Energy Psychology.

What is Holistic Life Coaching?

First lets look at the definition of similar applications of ‘Coaching’, ‘Life Coaching’, and ‘Health and Wellness Coaching’.


Is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. The learner is sometimes called a coachee. Occasionally,coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns; but coaching differs from mentoring in focusing on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to general goals or overall development

Life Coach

Life coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines such associology,[citation needed] psychology, neuroscience,[8] and career counseling with an aim towards helping people identify and achieve personal goals. Specialty life coaches may have degrees in various fields and may have studied counseling psychology and related areas.

Health and Wellness coaching

In the world of health and wellness, a health coach is an emerging new role. Health coaching is becoming recognized as a new way to help individuals “manage” their illnesses and conditions, especially those of a chronic nature.[32] The coach will use special techniques, personal experience, expertise and encouragement to assist the coachee in bringing his/her behavioral changes about.

So when people ask what Holistic Life Coaching is, basically combine the above and much more.  We now realise through the proof of scientific studies that our mind, body and spirit are linked.  That if one or more areas are out of balance it affects the ‘Whole’.  We also understand that our childhood experiences affect the forming of our personalities, future choices and roles we play in our personal and professional lives.  We also have accepted that our stressful over stimulated lives cause us, over time, to become sick, mentally, physically and emotionally.

So the answer to this ‘Whole Life’ impact to our existence is a ‘Whole Life Coaching approach’ orHolistic Life Coaching.

What is Holistic Life Coaching

Is the recognition of an individuals multi dimensional existence.  That the mind, body and spirit co-exist, and are dependant upon each others balanced health and well being.  Rather then treating separate pieces of an individual with only Physical Western style medical approach to illness, or coaching for individual needs regarding careers, relationships or self, the approach taken on behalf of the Holistic Life Coach is one of the Whole Being. The Holistic Life Coach understands that the career is affected by the personal self, the relationship is affected by the career, the physical body is affected by the spirit, and on and on and on….

So how would specialising and treating in any one area have an indefinite affect in a positive way to the individual if the connected entities were not balanced and cleared and developed into a well oiled machine.  The Holistic Life Coach uses a plethora of tools and skills to assist the client to achieving, mental, physical and emotional states of peak performance and in turn ‘Coaches’ the client to their desired goals and outcomes in every aspect of their existence including, relationships, career, physical health and mental and emotional stability.

What is Energy Psychotherapy?

Energy psychology addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behavior and health. These systems include electrical activity of the nervous system and heart, meridians, biophotons, biofields, etc.

Although psychological functioning involves thought, emotions, chemistry, neurology, genetics and environmental aspects, at an essential level bioenergy is also involved. Just as an audiotape or computer hard drive contain information in electromagnetic fields, similarly our brain and body operate electromagnetically.  Energy psychology is applicable to a wide range of areas including psychotherapy, counseling, education, vocational guidance, physical health, pain management, sports and peak performance.

Energy psychotherapy includes approaches to the assessment and treatment of psychological problems via bioenergy systems. In addition to many standard therapeutic elements such as rapport, listening and discussion, energy psychotherapy also involves procedures that specifically address the underlying energetic aspects of the problem through attunement, manual muscle testing, and various techniques that involve stimulating the body at discrete locations by holding or tapping, assuming specified body postures and movements, visualization, use of affirmations, expressed intentions and assertions, and more. Many approaches to energy psychotherapy also focus on the relationship among bioenergy, consciousness, thought, intentionality, and spirituality. These therapies often achieve observable and measurable results rapidly and usually without causing undue emotional distress or abreaction.

The field of Energy Psychology (EP) has been referred to as “a major breakthrough” and “the medicine of the future.” and is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most effective therapeutic treatments available today.

Although Energy Psychology may be new to many people several forms of it have been around since the mid 1980’s. EP is based on firm groundwork of Eastern medicine and the subtle energy fields that stretches back at least 5000 years; which focus on the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras and biofields.

Energy Psychology (EP) is the name given to a variety of therapies that work with the body’s energy system to produce a psychological change by balancing, restoring and improving human functioning both mentally and physically. EP embraces the Mind-Body connection using non-invasive techniques that rapidly release emotional blocks, foster healing and change emotional patterns at a deep core level and is used as a tool during Holistic Life Coaching practices.

So in understanding what Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Psychology is, I can explain further why I have incorporated these amazing educational accreditations into my life.

change the future

Initially I felt that this was something I was always meant to do.  In starting my career in Hair Design well over 20 years ago I noticed many clients would treat me like a confidant, or counselor, looking for solace, comfort and advice. I always felt a little uneasy about this in a manner of my wanting my response to be one of grounded support, not opinion.  Fast forward over 5 years ago while creating Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa, I attained Reiki Level one Attunement.  At this time during treatments many obstacles for my clients would come up and they would look to me for assistance. Once again on a grander scale I was motivated to assist these people with an approach backed by educational knowledge, skills and tools.  I have in the past utilized personal, marital and career counselling to find assistance navigating through difficult life experiences .  At no time did I feel empowered or did I feel that I was left with tangible tools that I could effectively use to transform my life and ‘turn my life around’.  I left feeling re-victimized and lost without hope.  My thoughts reflected despair and yielding to the, ‘well that’s life’ analogy.

I got a taste of Life Coaching from a lovely client who offered me a couple of sessions and I was bitten by the bug.  Her sessions were different, more empowering and gave me hope.  Over time I searched for Life Coach training that would allow me to still be a full time mom, business owner and entrepreneur, this was NOT easy!  Many classes were structured during evenings (I already worked two evenings a week and kids were not happy), were too long (Would have taken 10 years to finish part time) Or too expensive, in that I would have to give up my current business to attend or worst still were weekend warrior classes that I simply could not in good conscious attend as I felt I would not have trained deeply enough to truly positively affect change in the lives of my clients.  Then through a dear friend I was referred to Christina Reeves.  Through her amazing class that was conformed to my needs and flowed and ebbed with the demand  my life called for, I had finally found my opportunity to fulfill a life long passion.  To impact others, effectively, affectively, deeply and permanently empowering in a positive manner.  The Goal was to offer others the tools that they could use in their daily lives to be physically healthier, emotionally more balanced and mentally and spiritually impervious to outside negative influence, in turn creating irreversible healing in EVERY area of their lives simultaneously.  Now over two years later, I have been offered the opportunity by my own Mentor and Holistic Life Coach Instructor to take over where she so revolutionarily left off.


As of September 8th 2015 I will be offering Holistic Life Coach Certification Training to ten amazing people searching for an outlet for their purpose to help others.  The program is 10 months long and more information can be fund here:https://instituteforharmoniousliving.wordpress.com/ or feel free to call me at 519-404-6627.

As mentioned earlier this evolutionary training experience is offered in the comfort of your own home through Skype and or Phone call at a time specified at your convenience.

As I begin to transition this fall to two days a week in Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa, I have all the confidence that Elena and Jenna have you in the best of hands.  Their authenticity, genuine care and service to our guests is something special I have been looking for in my Green Family for some time.  As I will still be an active participant for some time at HHDS, I recognize the time is now to begin allowing the next generation to assist with the evolution of this amazing 1st Green Salon Spa and Energy Space in KW and take my next step in assisting further the collective evolution of humanity.  In many ways this is an extension of HHDS in an effort to create awareness of ourselves and in turn a conscious connection to our planet.  The healing we experience in our selves in inevitably impact our planet as more and more people are awakened to their power to heal themselves and make healthier choices for our Planet as we are all intrinsically connected to Earth and Earth to us. Now stating my efforts to assist with the accumulative evolution of humanity sounds like a pretty big undertaking and perhaps a little cocky.  But it isn’t really, because as each client benefits from a HLC session , or multiple sessions, as each future Holistic Life Coach signs on for training, one more ‘Evolutionary Minion’ is set lose out into the world.  One more empowered person is set off on their own path that undoubtedly will impact many more and in turn create an epidemic of crazy, happy, empowered, courageous souls.  So I won’t be doing it alone.

I invite you, Do you want to help?




Identifying Roles We Play That Affect Communication & In Turn Relationships

Happy group of people lying on the floor

Identifying Roles We Play That Affect Communication & In Turn Relationships

Our last Meet up really triggered some of our sensitive spots regarding how we are truly in control and not in control of our reality at the same time.  We now understand we have no control over others, their choices or behaviour, however we have full control over our reaction, response-ability and in turn our experience of relationships and our lives.

This is a double edged sword.  It is a jagged pill to swallow to acknowledge our participation through choice of focus and reaction in our reality especially if we have been experiencing a lot of pain, drama and chaos.  However once we get beyond the denial, self judgment and guilt, which does not serve us in our healing, we become empowered with awareness.  We begin to realize  that if we have created our past reality by passively making negative choices leading us to negative experiences we can, in turn, make consecutive positive choices that lead to a more positive experience.  Let me explain passive choices.  We think by not making choices or simply floating through each day letting life happen to us we are a victim to reality and haven’t chosen to have this reality experience. When in truth we have CHOSEN to passively making negative choices leading us to negative experiences and by focusing and reacting to the  pain, drama and chaos.  By not making a choice we are choosing to not make a choice.

In an attempt to deflect responsibility we point the finger at others blaming them for our reality so we do not have to take responsibility for our selves.  In truth others act as a mirror for us. That is the purpose of relationships so what triggers us about others behaviour is really an opportunity the universe has to say, ‘See, look at this and release this behaviour in your self’.  However it is not that simple.  Just because we see someone being irresponsible at work, as an example, doesn’t mean that you are irresponsible at work necessarily.  But since it bothers you, since it triggers you, you might ask yourself , where am I being irresponsible in my own life?  This is where we have a lot of control, if we do not like what we see, we can take responsibility for our selves and in turn the universe has les of a mirror reflection opportunity in others to trigger you.

Now next meet up on Saturday August 15 @ Moses Springer Park from 3-5 we will be discussing Roles We Play when interacting with others.  Some people would describe these as personality traits, or forms of archetypes.  In reality we play each of these roles ourselves at different times of our life.  When it serves us to get the outcome we want in a manipulative fashion.  Some people live and react from some of these roles more then others. By identifying them, understanding why we use them, we can start to understand what the root emotion is that we are trying to compensate for, that we might be missing we can begin to release these roles from our behaviour and be less affected and more understanding of others when they play them on us.

I look forward to sharing these roles with you and if time allows start delving into primary and secondary emotions.  Please feel free to bring a friend!
Don’t worry if you have missed the passed meet up groups we will recap them again in future groups to allow for you to catch up and or delve deeper and ask questions you didn’t think of the first time.

C/O Erin Kiers

Certified Holistic Life Coach, Energy Psychologist  

Owner of The Institute For Harmonious Living and Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa


Guilt, Living Up To Expectations Outside Of Us

Guilt, Living Up To Expectations Outside Of Us

outside yoga


After a much enjoyed Yoga session this morning at HHDS I spoke to another mom about the Guilt that sometimes sneaks up on us.  It was discussed that sometimes there is guilt experienced when investing in our own enjoyment like popping out at 7 a.m for a yoga session that makes us feel amazing all day .  We discussed how it seemed silly because our children were usually still in bed at that time since it is summer holidays.


One interesting tidbit  came from the awareness that it actually made us happier and feel better for the WHOLE DAY including through kids stressful moments when they might be bored and pestering for attention or bickering with a sibling.  But If we feel grounded and fulfilled our ‘reaction’ to said momentary turmoil would be one of energy calming, balancing, a physical calming, nurturing and then a verbal cooing and reassurance.  As opposed to a energetic spike of frustration, a physical aggression and a verbal plea or even raised voice of compliance.  Which is coming from what we would consider a more balanced nurturing parental place?

So perhaps what many wise mentors say is true.  Nurture Thyself and Nurture the world?  Won’t your kids, spouse, parent, friend, sibling appreciate your calm, balance, nurturing you?  Instead of your depleted annoyed bitter you?  For just moments a day you could invest in your needs first then offer solace for the rest of the day to others.  If that sounded oddly familiar to a charity ad on T.V for Third World Countries, you understood my intention.  You are your own first charity!  Many of us are sorely lacking in self car and nurturing.  We give so much away and do nothing to self replenish.

guilt mom

So in recognizing we have guilt, lets ask ourselves where this comes from.  A program, a belief from when we were children when we watched our parents work hard and struggle through raising families and paying bills.  We believed through these experiences that ‘this is how it’s done’.  That there was no need or purpose for self nurturing, if anything it was considered selfish and weak.  So this deep seeded belief raises its ugly head every time we take steps towards self care and then begin to feel guilty.  Life couldn’t be this easy! It couldn’t be this rewarding, my parents suffered, other people suffer, if I am happy and self replenishing and others are not, I am being selfish, I couldn’t be successful if I don’t work 24/7 and show no sign of self indulgence.  In fact this is what we start thinking self care is, indulgence, pampering, and experiences left only for those with selfish needs and tons of time and money.  This begins a whole new nasty feeling, jealousy, frustration and animosity towards others for having something we can’t have.  Or could we?  If we got rid of the root of the initial guilt belief that we would be bad or selfish if we cared for ourselves and listened to our own needs, we could follow our hearts and heads towards the truth which is evident in the previous example of how self care makes us more effective and efficient at being the best you, you could ever be!

Amazing tools are accessible to you through Holistic Life Coaching that will effectively remove root programs and beliefs that sneak up and affect every area of your life.  Blocks to self care, relationships, self acceptance and many more traits that inhibit your enjoyment of life can be released through EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique offered by a trained Energy Psychologist.  The purpose to Holistic Life Coaching is to assist you with attaining your goals and enjoying your life more fully.  Like a Sports coach assists a team, a HLC’s goal is to help with retraining ineffective approaches to obstacles, teach new skill sets and provide support and focus towards your intended end result.

Contact me to set up your first empowering session, and take the first step towards a happier more balanced life.

Our First ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ Connecting with Nature and in turn ourselves Meet Up Group!

earth and hands

am SOOO Looking forward to Meeting up with all of you Saturday July 11th @ 3pm at Moses Springer Park!

Join meetup.com to become a member of our ‘Pursuit Of Happiness Meet Up Group!’

This is a power packed meetup group with extraordinary information and actual workshops which will transform your life to greater heights mentally, physically and spiritually.

If you do what you always have done, you will always get what you always gotten.

• Are you Happy with your life? … All areas of your life?
• Are you willing to settle for that?
• Are you willing to settle for less than you can be?

The Life Makeover Meetup is for men and women who are serious about taking their lives to a higher level. If this is you and you are serious; As a Life and Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Reiki Master, Entrepreneur I can help guide you through the process of:

Becoming crystal clear about:

• Who you are
• What you want and Why
• How to achieve it
• Developing a written plan for your life
• Improving your beliefs, goals, self-concept, and dreams
• Achieving your enhanced goals and dreams

Group participation is limited in size to 20 to allow time for discussion with everyone in the group.

Since the summer is my FAVORITE time of year and I feel we are all so intrinsically connected to our planet I felt it was so important for us to get out in nature, IF of course Mother Nature cooperates with us so the weather will be warm and dry!  Future meetups will continue this trend outside however the tentative dates and locations are : Thursday July 16th 6-8 @ Waterloo Park (Back up location Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa) Thursday July 30th 6-8 @ Waterloo Park (Back up location Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa) Saturday August 15 3-5 @ Moses Springer Park (Back up location Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa)

Please let me know if these dates work for you or not!  In the Fall we will go back to indoor meet ups at my Home, in the mean time let me know what nights work best for you!

I look forward to introducing myself more effectively in person, however my connection to our impact on our planet runs deeper then my favorite season.  I have owned and operated K-W’s 1st Eco Friendly Salon and Spa for over 5 years now.  My observation in my industry has reflected in every person sitting in my chair for over 20 years.  We are becoming more and more disconnected from each other and the planet, which is a fundamental NEED that we all carry with us as human beings.  We are pack animals, we need to stay connected to the planet and each other to stay happy, healthy and balanced.  As we neglect our planet and our relationships to others and ourselves, we become more and more dysfunctional and unhealthy.  My goal with you this summer is get us reconnected to both Mother Earth and each other.  This step is VERY important as a first step towards our true deep unwavering happiness.  As each meet up evolves we will delve deeper and deeper into what creates balanced relationships at home, with friends, family and in our careers and work places.  We will discover how we have the power to create a happier existence and how we have been creating our reality in a manner that has, up till now, been in an unconscious manner.  Reclaim your power and start manifesting the reality you truely want!

I look forward to meeting up with you!

Hugs and Kisses!


pic for IHL

Looking forward to ‘Meeting Up’ With you!


Now That HHDS is on Hiatus for the summer for classes and workshops, it doesn’t mean you have to wait till fall to get your Self Care learning fix!  Join me, Erin Kiers, Owner of Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa and The Institute For Harmonious Living for ‘The Pursuit Of Happiness’ Meet Up Groupmeetup.com for bi weekly meet ups through out the summer! Learn more about yourself, your relationships, and your own power to create an amazing life for yourself! We will be gathering out doors , weather permitting, to create a safe place for us all to share, ask and grow spiritually.

Join like minded Men and Women, all are welcome,

Happy group of people lying on the floor

Group of people sitting on chairs in park, elevated view

Just bring something to perch on like a chair, blanket, yoga mat, also your choice of Bevie

and an open heart and mind!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Erin Kiers and Christinas Reeves


Erin Kiers

Erin Is a seasoned business owner for over 15 years, mentor and coaching has always been in her blood, and, is the founder of the Institute For Harmonious Living.  As a holistic life coach and energy psychologist, Erin continues to loving assist others to navigate along their life’s winding pathways.  It is through dedication and perseverance that Erin has followed her own path to help enlighten others.  It is with empathy and genuine care that she will assist you in creating your best life.


Christina Reeves

Christina has been a successful entrepreneur, mentor and coach for over 30 years and is the founder of the Academy of Energy Psychology, and I-Echo Center.  As a psychotherapist, life coach and energy psychologist, Christina continues to demonstrate her dedication to serving and empowering others to take responsibility to live their best life.  It is Christina’s work that is highlighted in the empowering of others in the ‘Writing On Your Wall’ workshop series and guiding mentor for Erin.

Institute For Harmonious Living – Personal Empowerment Coaching

The Institute For Harmonious Living Presents A Powerful New Workshop Series

I-ECHO “The Writing on My Walls”

Do you ever wonder?

  • What is wrong with me?
  • Why do I keep doing the same things again and again, even when I know better?
  • Why does he/she always seem to do that?
  • Where did my child get that behavior?

Does this sound familiar?

Take your first step toward your new life. Join us as we explore your personal belief systems and how they might be limiting you. This workshop gives you the tools and insight to move confidently forward becoming a long term advisor to yourself.

RAVE REVIEWS … “ AMAZING WORKSHOP , I have struggled with these same problems over and over again, presented to me in different ways at different times of my life. The insights and observations I learned from The Writing on My Walls workshop truly opening my mind to a new way of thinking and resolving my problems and making me aware of the areas where I am stuck, or standing in my own way. I will hopefully be able to pass along my new insights to my children.” …Catherine

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