Erin Kiers & IHL


(IHL) – The Institute For Harmonious Living

The Institute for Harmonious Living is a Holistic Life Coaching Education Center Owned and Operated by Erin Kiers offering one on one, convenient personal empowerment sessions assisting with the attainment of a more harmonious, balanced existence.  These sessions can be experienced face to face or on line.  Many of the coaching sessions address the individual as a whole multi dimensional being.  In other words, if you wish to specify your sessions we can, based on current needs, however you will be pleasantly surprise that your specified sessions will have an all encompassing affect on all areas of your life, which is why Holistic Life Coaching is so unique.  Taking the individual as a whole through Holistic Life Coaching you are effectively re-programming the foundation of your awareness therefore altering your perception in all of your relationships and experiences.

For those who wish to further assist others in the journey, Holistic Life Coaching Certification is offered through an intensive one year, one on one distance education setting during pre-booked sessions at your convenience.  In this busy world we must all incorporate wellbeing into our schedule and through this flexible learning experience you will enjoy new awareness and perspective on life regardless of your hectic lifestyle.

Erin Kiers is happy to offer speaking engagements for corporations, smaller group sessions and educational settings can be booked as well. Many workplace settings are recognising the need to ‘Re’Humanize the work place.  Happier more balanced employees and team members create more effective, efficient and healthier team players.  Social groups are looking for inspirational guidance fro trained Holistic Life Coaches to provide their community with positive reinforcement against main stream stress and negativity that plagues us today.  Providing members of social groups with this kind of positive influence allows for an infusion of happier more engaged members of the community that create meaningful change for the community and the environment.

Workshops and Seminars are Created by Christina Reeves,  Owner of I-Echo Center founder of the Academy of Energy Psychology.  As a psychotherapist, life coach and energy psychologist, her many years of experience have lead her to creating this profound group of workshops with the main theme of ‘The Writing On Your Wall’.  Through this compilation of extraordinary training seminars and workshops you will be guided to your best life.

By contacting Erin Kiers at  or 519-404-6627 you may inquire about any of the above services and ask any questions you may have.