“Our company participated in the seminar and workshop programs offered by the ECHO Center. To say we learned things from Christina and her team; is an understatement! She challenged us to be great, to take risks, and to “work outside the box”. Our clients demand our creativity, and our finest work and Christina set for us that pace where we can shine the most. If you are considering participating in this seminar and engaging the team at the ECHO Center to work with your team then you are demanding your organization to raise their standards and become known and seen for their excellence.”

~ Sincerely, Mitchell, Canadian Business owner

“I can with great ease; a very clear conscience and unwavering conviction recommend The ECHO Center as “the place to go” for training, counseling and coaching with a staff of professional, competent and experienced coaches. Christina has designed the extensive course material for the I-ECHO series of seminars and workshop and as an instructor demonstrates her dedication and conscientiousness in empowering us to become our best self. The training classes and seminar presentations are a great asset to any organization, individual or group seeking to better their business or personal lives whether that is materially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.”

~ Robert, coach and seminar presenter

“I wanted to tell you how fortunate I feel to be taking these lessons with you as my mentor, coach and friend. I have struggled with these same problems over and over again, presented to me in different ways at different times of my life. The insights and observations you suggest are truly opening my mind to a new way of thinking and resolving my problems and making me aware of the areas where I am stuck, or standing in my own way. I look forward to every class and your comments back to me and will hopefully be able to pass along my new insights to my adult children.”

~ Catherine B., Toronto, Canada

“I have gone through the most revealing insights of my life by participating in the I-Echo seminars and webinars. I am in awe of such profound changes in my understanding of life and how we create our own reality. I have noticed a huge shift in my relationships and interactions with others and they have in turn seen a shift in me. I find it so easy and empowering to leave the drama behind with this new found understanding. The methodologies and processes that are used for “discovery” are amazing and easy to use. My faith in life and its real meaning has strengthened me.”

~ Bianca S., Australia

“I want to express to you my gratitude and my appreciation of the I-ECHO series of workshops, which I have been taking with you. Throughout these workshops, I have experienced great insight into “who” I really am and what my life purpose is as a direct result of the in-depth content that I found truly life altering. The methodologies and concepts that were used in your programs are easy to understand and were instrumental in helping me to investigate my blocks and succeed in overcoming them in all facets of my life. The materials and tools provided allowed me to see myself in a new light and to see that all of the experiences in my life (my “challenges”) are ones that I have attracted to myself in order to heal those hurting/less desirable parts of myself that were hindering me in creating the life I yearned for. Through this series, I have been able to heal some behavior patterns which we were able to trace back to my childhood experiences. My inward journey has been fun but challenging at times and so very rewarding for me….and your workshop program made it easier for me to understand my role in every situation and the various roles we all play in human dynamics. Thank you!”

~ JulieReiki Practitioner and Pranic Healer; Canada