Hitting Rock Bottom

Based on the online Free Dictionary Forum the definition is this…https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/hit+rock+bottom

hit rock bottom


reach rock bottom


1. If something hits rock bottom or reaches rock bottom, it reaches an extremely low level where it cannot go any lower. The UK motor industry had one of its worst days yesterday as new car sales hit rock bottom. This is a good time to buy a house. Prices have reached rock-bottom in most areas. Note: You can also say that something is at rock bottom. Morale within the company was at rock bottom. Note: People often talk about rock-bottom prices, meaning extremely low prices. He has been buying property at rock-bottom prices.

2. If someone hits rock bottom or reaches rock bottom, they reach the point where they are so unhappy and without hope that they could not feel worse. When my girlfriend left me, I hit rock bottom. Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom before you can start to recover. Note: You can also say that someone is at rock bottom. She was at rock bottom. Her marriage was breaking up and so was she. Note: This expression comes from mining, and refers to the layer of rock that is reached once the supply of minerals being taken from the mine has been used up.

Ever Feel Like You’ve Reached Rock Bottom?

Everyone has heard the expression, ‘Hitting Rock Bottom’, before.  It sounds terrifying.  And looking at it from a safe comfortable distance it is quite terrifying.  Once you’ve hit it, it is all unraveling. All forms of emotion can be experienced.  Fear, anger, disappointment, anguish, disbelief, sadness, grief, and on and on and on.  It looks different for everyone.  It could be when you have lost all hope of being understood, not understanding your own complexity and not having anyone to turn to help find balance, understanding and clarity. To the point of believing there is no point in living, since you feel so useless and messed up you are no use to anyone or anything.  It could be a loss of someone you loved, or thought you did, that left you to be with someone else, discarding you like refuse below their feet. It could develop from the death of a loved one, leaving you feeling abandoned and alone. It could be fighting so hard for so long to create the perfect life, the ‘right’ way with the ‘right’ partner and looking around and realizing it never was what you wanted, and you built it all because society said you should and that by doing so you would be happy.  But it didn’t bring happiness it brought pain, to you and your loved ones.  It could look like complete overwhelm.  Having taken on too much by saying yes too often, people pleasing to your own sacrifice, or by doing things and reaching goals that were never your own. By burning the candle at both ends only to find you were always just a number at work.  It could even look like you finally arrived at what you thought you always wanted, reached every goal, found the love of your life and sat realizing the lonely vacant place in your heart and soul was still empty?  Even when you know you should be so grateful and happy, but you just aren’t.  ‘What is wrong with me??’ You might cry, ‘I just want peace, I just want tranquility finally in my life?  Why can’t I have that?’

Yes, it could look different to everyone, and these examples are what it looked like to me.  Every-time I Hit Rock Bottom.  Each time thinking I had nothing left, as a teenager with anxiety and depression having experienced date rape, with no one who understood what my struggles were.   There were no catch phrases like ‘Let’s Talk’ or Mental Health, or PTSD or Emotional Intelligence.  That didn’t exist yet.  Or participating in a failing marriage, or finally arriving at what should have ‘Completed Me’ and just didn’t. Not to mention the constant striving for security as a small business owner. 


But I will say this, the phrase, ‘Hitting Rock Bottom’ still gives me chills.  What feels like your entire mind body and spirit being consumed by a heartless flaming beast, destroying everything you knew, everything that created safety is gone. As it rips your heart out, claws at your throat and knocks every last bit of breath form your lungs.  But it also gives me hope.  Yup, doesn’t make sense but it’s true!  Without the harsh rude ‘AWAKENING’, as they say, I would have stayed blindly prodding along in deft despair for lord knows how long?  That jolt of reality, of negative emotion triggers a primitive motivation to survive.  And in the wake of this shattering of our current reality a numbness, a strange calm settles in. Like the feeling of a blanket being flung into the air and left to slowly float down ever so gently and lightly covering your body with the kiss of clarity.  For a moment no thought.  No nothing.  Just blissful quiet, peace.  Then slowly a thought forms, from a place so old and so instinctive that for a moment you believe someone else whispered it in your ear….’I can’t stay here’…then slowly, methodically, you get up.  Dust yourself off, and put one foot in front of the other, until you begin to recognize some of your surroundings again. 

Shift from Trauma to Growth

Have you ever been sleeping and then for some reason unexplained you physically bounce in your bed and wake up?  Having perhaps been dreaming of falling, or at least one would only assume the impact ‘Woke you up’? This is what I believe Hitting Rock Bottom allows.  An ‘Awakening’.  One that allows you to momentarily focus so clearly that you feel as though you have come out of a trance.  Realizing now there is no going back.  I believe when we Think we have hitrock bottom we have, on a spiritual level, begged for an exit from our current life reality, a lesson to grow from, to move forward with.  At this current state of our cultural collective evolution, we have not learned yet that we can grow, evolve and learn through joy and choice.  So, we stay drudgingly stuck in a cycle of Life, Trauma, Growth, Life, Trauma, Growth.  Life – feeling good basically floating along blissfully unaware of danger.  To Trauma – an incident, and action or inaction on our part or outside of us that causes great upheaval.   To Growth – once we have gleaned the lesson or golden nugget, we needed to move on.  Kind of like an adventure video game with its many trials to find hidden treasures that without would prevent us from moving to the next level. 

Discovering the Golden Nugget

So, having experienced enough Trauma’s which allowed for an Awakening and seeing the pattern, looking back seeing how at the time it felt my life would end, when in reality my life improved exponentially.  I have come to realize the silver lining in the proverbial, ‘Hitting of the Rock Bottom’. 

At this point in my own personal evolution, my ‘Traumas’ are less extreme, and certainly don’t hold the horror they once did.  They currently resemble an annoyance to a sometimes more extreme knocking off balance like the show ‘WipeOut’, the worlds largest obstacle course.  Thinking ‘I got this’, then being hit blindsided by a huge swinging pendulum and being flung into the water.  Then thinking well, I should have seen that coming, now what would I like to do about that?

Now how does one manage to go from being a virtual victim of life, feeling beaten and bruised, getting trampled at ever turn, to empowered and sustainable?  Well, just like Rock Bottom doesn’t look the same to everyone, neither does invincibility!  But a few things that have helped me have been finding someone I can trust to help me negotiate the peeling back of layers of pain, heartache and defense mechanisms that no longer serve me.  Letting go of toxic relationships that have cycled in disfunction, and really letting go, no hanging on tighter out of fear but truly releasing.  Forgiving myself for unwittingly creating a life I didn’t want and expecting others to fix, save or help me.  Taking full responsibility for me and asking for my loved ones to take responsibility for themselves too.  Recognizing self care must take on all forms of healing, active, passive, mental, physical and emotional to be truly effective.  (This is a big one and I will explain in future posts).  This list is over simplified in an attempt to not overwhelm. However, certainly at the root of true bliss, true happiness, and true peace and tranquility lies basic simple awareness, that which once learned you can never unlearn, and will transform you and your life to one that will sustain you truly to the end of your days.  With skills and a tool kit of survival tactics that can be applied like a template to so many life challenges, you become virtually invincible.  Self sustaining behaviour allows you to be healthier for yourself and for others. 

Celebrating the Milestones

It is for these reasons I have chosen to continue and expand my Energy Treatment services, my Holistic Life Coaching services and Self Care services to include Yoga Instruction.  I believe it is yet another and perhaps final piece of my life’s puzzle allowing me to truly be a force of support and hope for so many who have been, are, or could be where I have been and suffered.  The school of life never goes out of session and I have been so blessed to have exposed myself to so many healing modalities teachings and teachers who have had dynamic impact on me and my experience of life. One of the most influential teachers being my mentor, Christina Reeves, and not least my husband and children.  It is with great joy I share this knowledge with my clients, friends and family.

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