Be Prepared When you Look To the Stars!

I have always been fascinated by Astrology!  This past full moon was a doozy for me!  Lot’s of emotion and digging up old emotional wounds, so I looked into what is was all about, here was what I found, It completely confirmed what I had experienced! The Full Moon on Monday 22 February 2016 is at […]

Be a Love Magnet! Happy V-Day!

This is my Valentines gift to you!  I posted these videos for you to understand how SELF LOVE is the first step to any other harmonious relationship.  The Relationship you have with yourself is reflected in relationships outside of you. If you completely unconditionally love and accept yourself you will be more capable of unconditionally […]

Understanding ‘The Writing On Your Wall’ Workshop

The Writing On Your Wall Workshop: Feb 23rd 6-9 At Authentika Studio Marsland Dr Waterloo What is wrong with me?’ – There is nothing ‘Wrong’ with you, you simply are recognizing that your programmed subconscious mind are in conflict, remove the conflict, recognize your power! ‘Why do I keep doing the same things again and again, even when […]