One Step At A Time




One Step At A Time

I have noticed a lot of people in overwhelm these days and I understand where it’s coming from.  People forget that Holistic Life Coaches have walked in your shoes.  We have felt the pain, frustration, heart ache, depression, anxiety, helplessness, fear and on and on and on.  What makes a great coach is someone who has walked your path, tripped and fallen and gotten back up to find peace, love, stability, straight and confidence.  We can show you empathy, kindness, guidance and help stabilize your temporarily till you regain your footing.  We can show you from experience what to do and how to do it, so that you can retain these skills and lead by example how profoundly happy others can be, like you, through there choice to heal and be more response-able.

I have noticed a trend in discussions with my staff and students.  As we end another year and we reflect the main consensus is that we want Change!  We have changed our government, we have watched the world mourn loses on monumental scales, we have opened our borders to wounded, we wish to end conflict on a global scale.  Then we start thinking about how we are just one person, we are already so busy and over tired and over stressed.  We recycle isn’t that enough?  Big companies should do more, politicians should do more, people with more authority should do more.  Well I’m here to tell you and show you by example that one person IS ENOUGH!

What if i told you that within your ‘Meat Suit’ there was a special part of you with magical powers with the ability to make EVERYTHING BETTER!  I bet many of you would laugh and find the ‘Meat Suit’ comment quite comical.  But what if I told you I knew for a fact it was true and I could show you how to engage with and assume the powers of that special part of you?  Not only have I been in your skeptical shoes, but I have gone through the trials and tribulations to attain and access these powers and seen the impact it can have!?  Don’t get me wrong I have had those moments like in the movies when the hero puts on the rocket boots and loses absolute control!  Been there done that, scared the crap out of myself , put the boots in the closet, closed the door.  But then I opened the door and put them back on and vowed that I would practice till I got it perfect.  Ok I’m not perfect yet, but I’m getting there, and as I figure it out I will help you.

As insurmountable as it may seem, every huge task just takes one step at a time.  Depending on your own beliefs it will take either a short a mount of time or a long time, but Hey, there is no where else I’d rather be then right here with you helping you get the hang of your rocket boots.  Really.  So what one step at a time can you take, where do you start to impact the global state of our times?  Well right now we are sitting in the manifested results of our ability to create our reality from a uncensored place, the subconscious mind that was programmed by parents, siblings, teachers and experiences that were attained from the perspective of a child.  AAAANNNNDDD how is that working for us?  So if we have created THIS with our current mindset, we can create a new mind set to get a different outcome.  Do what you have always done, get what you have always gotten.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.  Well it’s a vicious cycle.  We have lost passion and inspiration in life.  Ok, what makes life fun?  Experimenting, trying new things, looking for new exciting experiences, so trying something new to get a new outcome should be a great place to start!  But we’re are tiiiiiirrrrrrred.  Ok, what do you do that makes you tired?  Working, working, taking care of others, working, expending energy on things that don’t reward us with happiness and energy.  So find a more inspiring job, only hang with inspiring people and do exciting things, NEXT!  Well I don’t have a lot of time in my day to do what I want.  Ok go to bed earlier, get up earlier, get rid of time wasting activities and people, this is your story you write it don’t let anyone else write it, stop making excuses and using other people as a scape got to have a lazy mind.  Start saying no more often and start saying yes to fun happiness, and self care!  What is self care?  Anything that feels good and benefits your mind body and spirit.  Emery treatments, yoga, healthy food, reading, massage, meditation, exercise, mindfulness, learning!  If you look hard enough you will always find an excuse to quit.  But if you look hard enough you will always find a reason to keep going.  Its just a choice, but do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

As you do more and more to inspire yourself, care for yourself and energize yourself you will actually inspire others to do the same. and because all of these activities force you to focus on yourself you don’t waste time worrying about anyone else and what they think or whether or not they approve.  This excites other people who want what you have, they start making more of an effort to be healthier and boom we have the making of an epidemic!  Anyone who has read my stuff knows I am OBSESSED with a self care epidemic!  I love the book I am about to recommend, it helps describe how to integrate a health regimen to balance mind body and spirit.  I think you will enjoy it and there are other books in the series that will help anyone from family issues to corporate world integration.  I hope you enjoy this and make 2016 the year you fall back in love with yourself and in turn the whole world!


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