Problem Focused or Solution Focused?

  There will always be a problem or challenge or injustice for someone somewhere.  The latest ability to raise awareness is social media. Accurate or not, it is one of the most effective ways to share information.  However I will be suggesting here that what we now know about energy transference, perhaps we are adding […]

Workshops with Erin Kiers the Owner of IHL

WORKSHOP WITH ERIN KIERS HOLISTIC LIFE COACH AND ENERGY PSYCHOLOGIST MONDAY JAN. 11 2016, 7-9 TOOL KIT FOR SUSTAINABLE STABILITY $20 @ AUTHENTIKA STUDIOS 298 B MARSLAND DR, WATERLOO, ON Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you wanting more positive relationship connections to your parents, or your children? Are you attaining all of your career […]

One Step At A Time

    One Step At A Time I have noticed a lot of people in overwhelm these days and I understand where it’s coming from.  People forget that Holistic Life Coaches have walked in your shoes.  We have felt the pain, frustration, heart ache, depression, anxiety, helplessness, fear and on and on and on.  What […]